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Our Story

From humble beginnings, we are four sisters of Indian descent, born and raised in the UK. 

Our story is a personal one. It started when we realised the individuality and quality we sought in clothing, was simply not represented on the mass market. With fixed ideas on how clothing should look and make us feel, we found ourselves calling on our mother or experienced tailors to adjust the clothing to suit us. But even then, the vision for that particular garment was often lost as sizes altered and quality compromised.

So, in 2014 whilst on a shopping trip abroad for a special wedding, the same issues arose again, and it was there that we decided to create our own fashion house and the concept of UME London was born. With carefully selected clothing, UME London blends our innovative yet traditional Eastern and Western styles. From mix and match wardrobe staples such as palazzo trousers and capes, to formal dresses, all our pieces are available in UK and international sizes 4-24, with individuality and quality assured.

The sentiment of female empowerment strongly embodies the spirit of our fashion house because it’s part of our DNA and the values we fought hard to express. UME London not only represents us but all women. We are unique with our own sense of style but remain united in our love of fashion. We hope to inspire others with our story of successful women making their dreams come true despite the odds. 

Our dream is for all women to feel like we do every time they wear our clothing - empowered, individual and forever strong.

It's for you, for me - UME London


Losing our father at a young age, our world was turned upside down. Cultural stigmas led to years of hardship - our voices taken and identities stolen. 

As we matured and the phase started to pass, our bond grew stronger and we became four young women leading separate lives – all on a quest to reclaim our destinies. With the support of our mother, we began to rise from challenging circumstances to forge our own paths. But it was fashion that united us and creativity in clothing gave us the voice we had been seeking. 

For a long time, we shied away from living life as the stigma continued to damage our souls. But as time healed old wounds, we realised that it was our individuality that set us apart. Fashion became our armour and we embraced it. For the first time we found courage, independence, freedom, power and strength – for the first time we were unashamed of our story, we were seen and heard, and it was in that moment UME London was truly born. 

This passion and experience extends to the quality of every item of clothing in our fashion house. We believe, with every being of our souls, that all women should have the confidence to stand out and be heard, no matter what their story. The time has come to make our dreams come true.

Our mission - to unite women and cultures around the world through fashion.

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