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A curated collection of evening dresses

We're thrilled to launch our first curated collection, featuring ball gowns, embellished dresses, satin bridesmaid dresses and mermaid dresses - in muted tones of pinks, golds and mint greens. These are a mix of couture evening gowns, dresses to wear to a wedding, prom dresses, mermaid dresses, red carpet dresses and also dresses for evening receptions or parties. 

Achieving our mission 

Inspired by the likes of NetaPorter, the concept of ‘curated’ collections was something we had always wanted to do. However, this desire was brought forward with the Covid-19 pandemic as buying and sourcing exquisite fabrics and details for new pieces became more difficult. 

We have always admired fashion designers from all parts of the world, some of whom we have seen and met throughout our extensive travels. With our mission to ‘unite women and cultures around the world through fashion’, the idea of curated collections helps us to achieve our mission in a different way.

Our mission – to unite women and cultures around the world through fashion

The day when we can step out again and put on our armour, proud of the battle we have overcome this last year, looms ever closer. We have spent the last year searching for the right partnerships to ensure the designers we work with reflect our brand values. From this, we are thrilled bring to you unique designers from across the world, including Europe and the USA, with more on the way.

Dreaming the next chapter

As with each one of our collections, we write the next chapter of our story through fashion. We have curated each dress carefully to ensure we bring to you only quality designer dresses that we ourselves would be proud to wear - and that which express the meaning of our story. 

Dreamer Curated Collection Mood board

Dreamer symbolises determination and is born from the idea of four women finally turning their story of struggle into one of success. 

Aged between 3 and 10, the four of us with our mother, were forced to move from the vibrant joy of our family home and spend the next 6 years largely confined to the four walls of a small bedroom after losing our father in 1994. As children, we normalised this but after being freed (sometime in autumn 2000), we realised this was not our destiny and we began to dream a bigger, better life.

This collection is for that avid dreamer who has summoned the free will to make her dreams inevitable. It is for the woman who doesn’t want to waste another moment and is ready for the adventure that awaits her. 

Dreamer Curated Mood Board 2

Dreamer blends soft pinks to echo her innocence and grace with the sandy fawns that symbolise the adventure she seeks. When she wears this collection, her confidence is awakened and the potential for greatness lives deeply within her. 

In this collection, you will find couture evening gowns, the perfect dress to wear to a wedding, prom dresses, dresses for the races, red carpet dresses and dresses for receptions, parties and more.

It’s just the beginning..

We will still continue to design and produce our own dresses from start to finish but with Covid-19 still looming, this can make buying and sourcing materials as well as production difficult. We certainly look forward to that time again but for now, let’s continue conquering the world not by travelling, but by wearing exquisite designer dresses and couture evening gowns from around the world.

For you, for me - UME London. 

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