Challenging times

What a year it's been! From the pandemic to protests, there is so much pain and suffering in the world. Even though we’ve been locked away indoors for most of the year, it doesn't mean this paradoxical time doesn't affect you on a physical, psychological and emotional level. 

For this, we must take moments in the day to be still, breathe in deep and on the out-breath, let this heavy energy flow through you. 

The sun was good to us in 2020, helping us to get through those lockdown days. Lots of people took to DIY projects and our online connection was at an all-time high. Then came autumn (my favourite season). For some reason, I found myself paying particularly close attention to the leaves changing from tones of greens to gorgeous oranges and reds (giving me some inspo for a future collection) and then, falling from the trunks to expose their bare structures.

And now, we're so deep into winter. This season seems like a big drag to most people with the short days and long nights - it sometimes feels like one big black hole. In fact, the well known Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) kicks in for some people and yes, I used to be one of those people claiming this title. But going into this winter was different again. 

As I watched what was once my lovely manicured garden in the summer and the blooming parks I walked to get my ‘one exercise a day’ stripped naked, I realised that winter isn't actually there to make us miserable, it serves as a crucial period for all living creatures to root, rest and reset before we can rise again. 

Root and Rest

What do I mean by root and rest? Well, we need to shed all the heavy ‘baggage’ that we have accumulated and carried, and take time to contemplate, take solace and make meaningful connections leaving us standing strong and tall in our space.

This is usually hard for me. I never gave myself permission to really truly rest and reset but this winter I did, and boy was it needed! Some days I just wanted to sleep or wake up early, or eat, not eat and just do nothing all day. But, because I gave myself permission to take this time, it was great as I didn’t feel guilty that I should be doing work, chores or just other ‘stuff’. In this stillness I allowed some of my deepest, darkest shadows to surface and reflect back at me - it was like looking into a mirror. That’s when I realised this is the heaviness that needed to be dissolved before I could really truly rise again and blossom.

This grounding experience felt as though I was stabilising my own roots deep into the ground before the arrival of spring and summer. It’s like magic, in tune with my rose trees, which have already formed their colourful buds. Sounds strange but trust me it helped. Now, I too am starting to feel hopeful, energetic, light and creative once again. 

I certainly won't be taking these seasonal changes for granted again. I’ve always felt a connection with nature and it's only through this time, when life was stripped back to its simplicity, that I was able to truly take the lessons that nature put in front of me.  

Our first collection Aurora paid homage to the seasonal changes, all inspired by red and white roses (tops and skirts), and summer and autumnal floral prints (crop tops and kimonos). So, I thank you Mother Nature for keeping us inspired by your changing beauty.   

From MY heart to Yours,


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